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Pharma Marketing’s High-Stakes Moment

The pandemic has disrupted every facet of life, making many things more complicated and others more apparent than ever. For pharma, this is a unique inflection point. For many companies, the path forw…
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Tiktok for Health Advice? Health Care Professionals Joining In

Odds are, if you haven’t heard of TikTok – the video-sharing social network platform sweeping the country – then you’re missing out on a major trend of 2020. Used to create short dance, lip-sy…
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Navigating Communications With Data In The Driver’s Seat

Applying data to uncover insights, inform strategies and demonstrate results is not just the rule of thumb anymore, but paramount to success. With ever-growing access to data through multiple sources,…
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Planning For Issues Small, Medium Or Large Throughout A Brand’s Lifecycle

Within any brand category lies a complex landscape of stakeholders, issues and public opinion. True – whether your focus is food and beverage, energy, technology or pharmaceuticals. For pharma, in p…
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The Beginning, Middle and Beyond: Navigating Product Life Cycles

The runway to a product launch is a herculean effort – multiple teams and workstreams are involved to pave the way with key stakeholders (prescribers, payers, investors, thought leaders, patients an…
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Signs Your Creative Health Care Campaigns Will Resonate With Your Consumer

“We need to get creative.” If you’re a health care communicator, you’ve probably heard (or said) this phrase a number of times. When tasked with sharing clinical findings, medical recommendati…
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