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Doing Black Friday Differently

There is no better example of our country’s crazy consumerism than Black Friday and in more recent years, Cyber Monday. I’m not here to comment on the folks who lined up at stores for that 65” w…
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The New Influencers Brands Are Tapping Today

Time to toss away your old ideas of what you think an “influencer” should be. Pretty face, perfect posts, perfect life. Despite the fact that Instagram often leads to a very curated galler…
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Audience-first, Influencers and Trust: 3 Social Trends

Social media is dynamic. That’s certainly the case today with Facebook always in the news.  To see the real trends, past the hype, it’s best to look a bit further. Through the noise of So…
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Your Future Customer: What Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z

GenZ, iGen, the Founders – there’s been several names thrown around for the generation post-millennials. These plugged-in, yet grounded digital natives have said, according to MTV, that th…
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4 Non-Profits That Are Killin’ It with Video Content

The holidays — a time when I get so many donation letters from non-profits (NGOs) that my tiny New York mailbox is too jammed for anything else. I always appreciate the calendars, the magnets an…
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How Facebook is Disrupting Influencer Marketing

Ask any marketer to name two areas that have exponentially grown over the past few years and I guarantee the majority will tell you influencer marketing and targeted paid social. Well now, thanks to F…
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