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Keeping Up with the Coronavirus (and Keeping Calm)

The rise of social media has allowed us to stay on top of all the latest news from the Kardashians and K-Pop, to Coronavirus. During these times reminiscent of the Hollywood blockbuster Contagion, thi…
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Mom Jeans are Back, and so are Media Drops

Denim miniskirts, chokers and crop tops – those have all gone the way of Laguna Beach, right? Wrong, they’re back and here to stay awhile. Fashion is cyclical, and it turns out so are media relati…
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Three Things Your New Employees Want to Know and How You Can Communicate It to Them

Everyone was new to their job at one point in time. Whether you started last week or 20 years ago, some things never change such as the feeling of having no idea what you’re doing when you walk in t…
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