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5 Reasons Why Everyone On Your Communications Team Should Participate In Media Training

How do you feel when a reporter contacts you to see if someone at your organization can do a media interview? All too often, an interview request can stir up feelings of reluctance and concern. You an…
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Should Your Brand be on TikTok?

What do Fleetwood Mac’s song Dreams , whipped coffee, sea shanty singalongs, and a feta-cheese pasta recipe have in common? They were all discovered (or rediscovered) by millions in the last few…
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Your Brand’s “Earprint”

We often talk about how your brand “shows up”. Well, fair to say that we mean that more figuratively than literally these days. The pandemic has shifted in-person engagements online for over a yea…
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Courage, Confidence and More: 6 Ways to Advocate for Equality

Last week, as part of Women’s History Month, I participated in AVENIR GLOBAL’s Women in Leadership panel discussion with my colleagues, Tina Shepley of Cherry, Tina Charpentier of Padilla and our…
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How Virtual Strategic Planning is Changing Team Alignment and Collaboration – For Good

I’m fortunate to spend a lot of time helping groups to reach alignment, collaborate, have meaningful conversations, and decide what to do. And I believe that even after pandemic restrictions les…
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Going Through the Crisis, Together

As much as we might wish it, crises aren’t always predictable. There are those that we can anticipate, for which thoughtful organizations have a regularly updated crisis management plan. There are a…
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