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A Truly Different Approach: How Hilton Reinvigorated the Midscale Hotel Segment

Have you ever stayed at a dodgy hotel? You probably didn’t intend to but it’s likely that the low-price point gave you an unpleasant experience. Often times, we are stuck paying $100 a night for a…
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Call them April Babies, Cause they Fools

It seems that the world has no idea how April Fools’ Day started. No joke. Many of us partake in holidays that we may not know the meaning behind, but as a culture we support the cause and follow tr…
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Journalism + Trump – What’s Next?

Obama out. Trump in. Whether you like it or not, there’s a new guy in town. As of this morning, Donald Trump has officially set foot in Washington D.C. And, among countless other questions weighing…
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The Back-to-School Digital Business

Back-to-school means another year of fresh books, backpacks and binders. But in 2016, purchasing each of these items is far from basic. With the evolution of digital media casting a halo on our everyd…
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Marketing to the Modern Day Dad

It seems like in this day and age, there is a holiday for everything. Literally, if you Google “today’s food holiday” you are bound to find a holiday to your liking. In fact, this will stay true…
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The Personal Care Industry Invades West Palm Beach – Key Media Takeaway

Late February, at the peak of winter, countless beauty brands, skincare organizations, pharma reps, marketers, scientists and an influx of media – both on the advertising and editorial side, head do…
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