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If You’re Not Communicating Effectively, You’re Not Leading Effectively

If you’re an executive leading your organization through transformational change, it’s likely that change won’t take place unless people UNDERSTAND what you’re trying to accomplish, APPRECIATE…
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PadillaFest ’21: Find Your Groove

The year is winding down, but we’re tuning up. PadillaFest ’21 : Find Your Groove is our second-annual virtual holiday variety show exclusively for our community of clients, friends and families.…
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Are We There Yet? Returning to the Workplace Post-pandemic

Strategies, approaches and implications for communicators. We’ve all been comparing notes on these as we ponder company return-to-workplace plans, which we’ve been thinking about as frequently…
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Misses, Hits and Optimism for What’s Next

In the June 2020 issue of O’Dwyer’s, my colleagues at Padilla and I laid out six predictions that we believed would come to bear once we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our intent was to look…
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2020: Go Down Singing

Well, it’s certainly been a year. Hellacious, apocalyptic and even unprecedented – which is a word I’m fine never hearing again. Needless to say, we’ve all faced our share of challenges and th…
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The Power of Multi-Agency Partnerships

It’s not uncommon these days to bring multiple agencies together on a single assignment. But that wasn’t always the case, or if it was, it usually came with silos and the potential for a lot of dr…
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