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Market Research 101, Part Two: Measuring HOW they do it

There are many different methods and reasons to conduct market research. In this three-part series, we’ll explain the three different elements of market research:  WHAT  people do, HOW they do i…
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A Researcher’s Perspective: Four Commandments of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has become the new and shiny strategy for many established and emerging brands. Every brand wants to be the opinion leader, the industry expert who defines the market and where it i…
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Social desirability bias – are we as good as we say we are?

As a rule, people want to portray the best versions of themselves – even when it is not completely truthful. In behavioral economics, we call this social desirability bias: a tendency to respond…
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Effective Communication Tips (From Behavioral Economists!)

Imagine sitting at your desk at 4 p.m. on a Friday after a long, exhausting week. You’re getting ready to pack up when you receive an urgent email from your boss begging you to “figure it out” i…
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