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The Value of Purpose in the Workplace

Following the height of the pandemic, much was made of “The Great Resignation,” shifting priorities, working from home – and all of this made us reconsider where, how and why we work. And now, w…
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Padilla DE+I Collective: Q&A with Indigenous Leader Chad Poitra

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis two years ago raised awareness of the urgent need for greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DE+I) initiatives. These calls were particularly strong within…
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What Worries the World

How’s that for a cheery headline? (Not!) Nonetheless, that’s the click-baity title that Ipsos gave its survey, and it worked, because you’re reading this blog post. In its latest poll of people…
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On Deadline with Leah Kondes

Padilla’s Media Relations Consultants represent a group of agency professionals who are delivering top media relations strategies and placements for our clients. This team invests time and expertise…
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“I’m not dead yet!” – The media (while changing) still plays a role

In case you didn’t recognize the reference in the headline, it’s an oft-misquoted line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail . It reminds me of this other famous quote from American author and humo…
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