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Is Your Brand Ready For “Demetrication?”

When the likes, retweets and video views run dry, what’s a brand to do? Many brands look to their influencers and their own engagement metrics to understand how its social media content and campaign…
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Facebook Advertising Best Practices: Automatic Placements

When creating advertising campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager, it’s important to understand the different optimizations, settings and features that Facebook offers in order to run efficient and eff…
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Winning the Facebook Ad Auction

Do you know how Facebook chooses when your ad is shown and the factors that play into your ad’s success in its Ad Auction? To ensure that a) Facebook monetizes its website and b) keeps its users hap…
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Getting Started with Facebook Video Ads

You don’t have to blow your time and budget to create Facebook video ads that will outperform your static ads. With a little bit of know-how, Facebook Business Manager provides advertisers with the…
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Step up your Facebook Advertising with Facebook Pixel

Want to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget and reach an audience tailor-made to your advertising objectives? Maybe it’s time you considered using Facebook pixel. Facebook defin…
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Measuring Up: A “This, Not That” List for Social Media Metrics

With recent algorithm changes, bot clean-ups and paid advertising on social media, it can be a challenge to articulate campaign success. As social media managers, it may seem like an enticing option t…
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