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The Continued E-Commerce Evolution

There’s no doubt that consumers’ food-buying behavior is fundamentally and permanently changed. E-commerce growth continues to eclipse in-store. But the evolution isn’t nearly complete—and eli…
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A New Food Reality: COVID-19 and the Paradox of “Fulfillment”

Fulfillment. It is more than a satisfying feeling experienced by consumers as they receive their purchases. Fulfillment is the complex matrix of the storage, compilation, packaging, shipping, and deli…
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Has Sustainability Become a Sacrificial Lamb to Safety in our Food System?

As every news outlet tells us – we’re in unprecedented times. Consumers’ behaviors and values have all been impacted by this pandemic; and one key truth seems to reign above the rest. We’re lo…
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COVID-19’S Wake-Up Call: Food System Realities Reimagined Series (Part 3)

In this 5-week series, “COVID-19’s Wake-Up Call: Food System Realities Reimagined,” experts from across the AVENIR GLOBAL network and global food system are exploring five new “food system rea…
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