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Why Leaders Should Put Strategic Interruption on the Agenda

I was coaching a leader recently who is preparing for an ambitious three-day workshop with other industry influencers. Her goal: to generate ideas and recommendations for a white paper designed to inf…
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The Pros and Cons of AI Presentation Coaching Apps

Coaching our leaders and spokespeople on effective communications – presentations, media interviews, town halls, written communications, and other channels – is not just a nice-to-have. It is that…
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Don’t Just Present. PERSUADE.

“Yay! A presentation!” Said no one ever. Whether you’ve presented to an audience hard-pressed to glance up from their phones or been presented TO by a version of the monotone high school economi…
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The 2020 Presidential Election, Coronavirus, Back to School and That Thing You’re Announcing

This post was co-authored by Paxton Alto. What 2020 lacks in toilet paper, it makes up tenfold in news. And while we have a surplus of headline-worthy stories, scarcity abounds in the newsroom. In fac…
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Health Care Communications In The Age Of COVID-19: Lessons From Mayo Clinic

For many of us in the communications industry, there will be two distinct phases of our careers: before COVID-19, and after. While much of the “after” is TBD, we can still benefit from lessons bei…
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Tips For Engaging With Media During COVID-19

As a reporter for nearly 20 years, I’ve covered my share of public health emergencies; from the HIV/AIDs epidemic, to SARs, anthrax and the resurgence of measles. While the COVID-19 pandemic is unli…
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