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What Wearables Mean for the Future of Health Care

Yesterday, Fitbit announced that it is acquiring Twine Health, a health coaching platform that aims to help people achieve better outcomes, in an effort to bolster its offerings to health insurers and…
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To be or not to be (covered)? Why ACA Enrollment Skyrockets Despite Marketing Rollback

Fans of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can breathe a sigh of relief. In its first day alone, more than 200,000 consumers signed up for health insurance and the numbers have continued to rise. It’s be…
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It’s a Jungle Out There: 3 Reasons Health Care Companies Should Look Out for Amazon

Recent unconfirmed reports have speculated over whether tech giants like Amazon and Apple are gearing up to tackle their next frontier – health care. With both companies being leaders in their marke…
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Crisis and the Health Care Industry: Q&A with the PadillaCRT Crisis Team

In a crisis the stakes are always high. No matter the practice area, reputations are on the line and making a bad situation worse is the last thing a company wants to do. But each industry has their o…
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Is 2017 the Year for Your First Digital Ad Campaign?

The next time you open your Facebook app, notice if The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or another top content producer is paying to promote their content – likely they are. If the world’s…
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