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When You Hear “DE+I,” What Do You Think Of?

Social justice, belonging, LGBTQ+, gender, race, ethnicity, equality and many others are words that frequently come to mind immediately. However, disabilities are one area that appear to be overlooked…
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2 Things I’ve Learned Volunteering In The Twin Cities PR BIPOC Career Explorer Program

Twin Cities PR BIPOC Career Explorer Program is a very long program title. But it does do a lot of heavy lifting. It is an externship program designed for BIPOC students interested in public relations…
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Hispanic Heritage Month: Fifty-Three Years Later

Despite having been first signed into law in 1968 by President Lyndon Johnson, growing up as a white kid in Richmond, Virginia, I don’t think I was even aware of Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) —…
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Making the Grade: Commit to Change

I haven’t thought about grades in a long time. Precisely since about May 2009. But as we approach May 2021, it’s time that everyone in the marketing and communications world start preparing to thi…
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