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Engaging Employees to Benefit K-12 Public Education: Q&A with the Virginia Lottery

With the brand “We’re Game,” it’s no secret the Virginia Lottery is all about having fun. However, games alone are not enough to engage employees. To create a truly engaged workforce where emp…
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Six tips to engage employees during open enrollment

With the beginning of October comes pumpkin spice everything, Halloween candy and costumes and last, but certainly not least, the start of open enrollment for millions of employees across the country.…
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Olympic-inspired employee engagement opportunities

During the next two weeks, millions of people around the world will tune in and cheer on their country in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. For internal communicators, the Olympic Games offer a reminder a…
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Internal Communication Lessons from Pokémon GO

By now you’ve heard of and are probably tired of hearing about Pokémon GO, the viral mobile game that has brought together millions of people. I’ll admit, at first I made fun of people participat…
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Mobile Apps: The Next Big Thing for Internal Communications

Internal communications is on the brink of the next big movement for employee engagement and interaction: mobile apps. Straight from the app store, a well-designed mobile app could connect a global wo…
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5 Brands that Effectively Use Puppies

I have to admit, if I see a video of a puppy on TV or my social media feed, I always stop to watch. I’m not sure if it’s the growing fatherly instincts or the fact I recently got my own puppy, but…
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