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You are Misperceived By Most People, Unless You Are Attractive, a Woman and Happy

Perceptions are reality and being perceived accurately has a big impact on anyone’s success, self-confidence and overall happiness. That’s not an opinion – it’s based upon proven science.�…
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The Power of Purpose and Authenticity

Purpose has more purpose and is more popular than ever. Today employees are much more attuned to an organization’s purpose. In our modern language we refer to organizations with a highly regarded pu…
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5 Lessons Learned About Internal Brand Building

Any and every organization can learn and benefit from a proactive internal brand-building program. By learning more about internal brand building, any organization can uncover and energize the hidden…
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Internal Brand Building – The Long Tail of Brand Building

The “new breed” of global brand leaders has turned traditional brand building inside out. Over the last decade we have witnessed a fundamental shift, placing internal brand building at the core of…
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