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Banking for Humans: Don’t Lose the Person in the Numbers

When it comes to finding a place to store their dollars, today’s customers have plenty of options. Financial brands compete to help customers do more with their money. And many of these brands offer…
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Rekindling a Teenage Love Affair: My Love for Lush

Have you ever discovered a brand you loved, then ultimately left because you moved onto newer, more relevant products? But what if a brand evolves with you over time? For me, that’s the story of Lus…
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Who Won Black Friday 2018? Trees, TVs and Library Freebies.

Whether you’re the gleeful subject of every targeted sale ad or a staunch believer in minimalism, the Thanksgiving holiday and subsequent shopping days provide a chance to vote with our dollars. If…
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What’s in a Name? Everything.

Want to know the top-secret recipe to create a name for a new brand? Great. Here it is: Grab a few creative folks, lock them in a quiet room and toss in a case of beer before you lock the door. Give t…
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New Year’s Resolutions: Why Branding should be before PR & Marketing this Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—nope, not the holidays. Those are over and it’s time for my favorite New Year’s tradition: resolutions. As you look through the ups and downs of last y…
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Every Day You Were Hustling—Was Your LinkedIN Profile?

When it comes to getting your business across on social media, LinkedIn is a great bet for B2B business development. Recently, I attended a session by Rick Curry with the American Marketing Associatio…
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