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Drink better wine

there are so many great stock photos about bad wine but, ugh, this photo is just amazing. Courtesy Last week I attended my very first meeting of a book club set up by a friend. We’re…
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Some things happening in wine media that are making me very jazzed

As a wine person (blogger, drinker, publicist, etc.) I’ve grumbled many a grumble over the state of the wine media. For every Eric Asimov column that elicited an enthusiastic fist pump, there was a…
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The State of the Wine App (Part 2)

It’s been nearly a month since I downloaded, in the name of research, a handful of wine-oriented apps onto my iPhone and now it’s time to report my observations. People think that drinking wine an…
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Booze Bin: The State of the Wine App (Part 1)

Regardless of the fact that I’m a millennial, there are some aspects of technology with which I am hopelessly out of touch. The most striking example of this is the way in which I approach my iPhone…
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From Detox to Retox

Flipping through this weekend’s New York Times Sunday Styles section, I was struck by a story about the ubiquity of freshly pressed juices at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Besides engendering…
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What am I?

The wine publicist is a creature as frequently misunderstood as the product we find ourselves representing. PR professionals occupy an interesting position within the hierarchy of the wine industry; w…
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