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Three-Headed Health Care Crisis

Life is filled with unintended consequences, and right now we are seeing that play out in the health care world. When managing any crisis, let alone COVID-19, a principle goal is to not create another…
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Important Considerations for Health Organizations Battling COVID-19

Organizations large and small in every corner of our country are feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and health care organizations sit on the front lines of this battle. The actions you take within your o…
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The Importance Of Empathy During A Health Care Crisis

Like any other industry, health care organizations need to be ready for a crisis to happen at any moment. Its preparedness is particularly important because health care was built to serve people, and…
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Just What the Doctor Ordered – The Right Spokesperson

When a physician takes the Hippocratic Oath he or she promises to “do no harm.” Every hospital leader should be listening and learning. Rule Number One: Make sure your spokesperson “does no harm…
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Crisis Response Starts at the Top

When working with newly-named chief executive officers, we often hear them wishing for a quiet, clean entry into their new role. But being challenged right at the onset can be a blessing. In fact, whe…
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Preparing for a Crisis: Getting your health care organization ready to respond

For a health care provider, a crisis can come from almost any direction and threaten the reputation and trust that have been built over years – or even decades. And, while a crisis or emergency can…
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