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#HigherEd: Virtual Reality Check

A few months ago, my colleague Christian Munson wrote a Buzz Bin post about the proven successes of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) for college recruiters. His post details certain universit…
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Bold Programs Affect Change in #HigherEd

With tuition on the rise and other roadblocks ahead, a four-year degree seems increasingly unattainable to some. For undocumented students in many states across the U.S., the hurdle is set much higher…
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Instagram Direct’s newest feature: A how-to for marketers

Instagram last week rolled out another feature that continues its competitive attack on Snapchat: disappearing video and photo messages. Yes, the very idea that birthed Snapchat. Not too surprising co…
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Is the Student-Loan Market the Next Housing Bubble?

College debt has long been considered a crisis for students, many of whom feel like they have widening holes in their pockets. Now, some Wall Street analysts predict that the $1.4 trillion student-loa…
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#HigherEd: Career Guidance Doesn’t Make the Grade

Prospective students are asking an important question: how well will this college prepare me for, or place me into, a career that meets my goals? In a recent Washington Post article, higher education…
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Dollars and Sense: #HigherEd Student Loans in the Presidential Election

Today is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Today is #ElectionDay. I don’t need to say what’s been said before. Americans are voting today with varied emotions. When it comes to higher education, the Demo…
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